Monday, June 27, 2005

D'Agostino murder

Wed. Journal online has OP cops looking for person of interest — a black guy pictured in a mockup — who was seen walking on the block at the time, having apparently just parked his car, then hopping back in the car and driving away.  Which is consistent with the beaten-elsewhere-dumped-on-Harvey theory floated by a man named Michael Sellers, who lives in the Harvey Ave. house, on Channel 5 in that the homeowner, Blake Hayner (?), heard “No!  Son of a bitch!” out front, then the slamming of a car door followed by car pulling away.  If the black guy found the body laid out on the lawn, he might well have gotten the hell out of there immediately. 

Later: for a very good telling of the story, see AP.

Later, in Sun-Times:

Police also disclosed they think D'Agostino was killed near where he was found. Witnesses who found D'Agostino had said he was lying on the lawn, his arms at his side, as if he had been dumped there. His briefcase was nearby.

Later, on Linden Avenue near Erie, Tuesday 6/28, early afternoon: Two police recruits handing out pix of the person of interest say look out for sledgehammer he would be carrying. 

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