Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So? Then where's Oak Park?

You were wondering where Greek Town is, you thought on Halsted south of Eisenhower or thereabouts?  You should have asked Chi Trib’s Pamela Sherrod, who locates “Chicago's predominantly Greek neighborhood near Oak Park.”  Kidding you not, am I.  It’s in an article, “Living lean in a 'stuffaholic' world” as it ran in the Contra Costa (Calif.) Times 1/21/06.

Later, from Len:

Well, it's only 10 minutes on the Ike..

and then there's papaspiros... a neighborhood in itself.
(Not to mention George's, Thyme and Honey, Maple Leaf...)

OR maybe she is thinking about the neighborhood around Assumption Greek Orthodox
Church on [Central] next to Loretto Hospital.., must have been a Greek
neighborhood onceuponatime.


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