Thursday, February 09, 2006

How much for that bottle in the window?

A wild story comes out of Franklin Park, where lives Oak Parker Democrat, State Sen. Don Harmon's Republican opponent in the fall election, Jim Rowe.  Rowe called police the other night after a window in his house caught a bottle or decanter with threatening note at 1:30 a.m. and gave way to the bottle. 
If you go here, you can view ABC-7's report of two days ago which has Rowe, an asst. state's attorney who appeared at the Republican candidates' forum at the Oak Park library Saturday 2/28, saying he had no trouble on his block until he ran for Harmon's senate seat. 
Earlier, his SUV's tires were slashed and Harmon campaign literature left on the windshield.  Harmon denies everything and says his people would never do it but wants police to investigate, which they are apparently doing, having taken with them the message-carrying, window-breaking decanter to check for prints.

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