Wednesday, April 12, 2006

St. Edmund rising

St. Edmund RC Church -- Oak Park's oldest, it says on a sign out front (apparently antedating St. Catherine of Siena's move from Pine & Washington many years ago) -- has reduced its debt from $1.1 million to $375,000 in a year, says the pastor Fr. John McGivern in the bulletin.  He's been there 18 months.  Weekly collections etc. mean no debt is being incurred.  Fr. McG cites "some very generous donors, the reallocation of some underutilized funds . . . two bequests, and the fine fiscal management of the [parish] Finance Council."
Donors can set up automatic direct debit and automatic credit card contributions, so "you'll never have to worry about your weekly envelopes again!".
A recent "Elegant Evening at the [Brookfield] Zoo netted $66,000.  Weekly collections have to average $13,500.  Apparently they have been at that level, in view of ongoing lack of indebtedness. 
All Oak Park should be glad about this.

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