Monday, June 12, 2006

Sex on the grass

Nice June evening, man meets wife for light supper at Winberie's, at Oak Park's premiere corner, Oak Park & Lake.  Quiet, tasty, reasonable.  Man and wife exit Winberie's, cross Lake to Oak Park's premiere park, Scoville Park.  White kids playing frisbie.  "Look out, people," he hears as one player warns the others about pedestrians.  Man and wife take the pleasant walk up the small hill past the monument and various people lounging on the grass, including interracial couple with little kid.  Pleasant.
They enter the library, where he picks up How Capitalism Saved America: the Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, waiting for him on the reserve shelf.  He doesn't even have to go to the circ desk steps away, but checks it out electronically.  Upstairs she is chatting with the part-time librarian, #2 Daughter's first-grade teacher long ago, just retired from the elementary district.  He joins for chatting.  They conclude, look at videos.  He picks one, waits for her at the huge windows overlooking the park.  What he sees horrifies him.
A black boy is humping a black girl on the grass.  Both are clothed.  He is holding her down, as if in a wrestling move, bouncing up and down on her crotch.  She wraps her legs around him.  A second black boy lifts a light-skinned, perhaps white girl up from behind, puts her down on her feet.  She wants to get at the boy on the ground.  He prevents her.  She leaves the three, heading to a corner of the park 100 feet or so away where others are congregated.  The humping boy gets up after several minutes.  The humped girl gets up laughing, smoothes her hair, stands there.  He gets her now from behind, standing, and humps some more.
"Disgusting," says the wife, approaching the same window.
"Let's go," they say.
Outside, at the corner of the park mentioned before, a dozen to 15 black teens congregate at the benches, milling about with each other, talking and laughing.  The humping couple is part of this group.  This is the group’s corner.  Elsewhere in the park are kids and adults using the park for their quite different purposes.

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