Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who's on first?

"As somebody who has been chair, I will say, I think there is very little public accountability in this process," Kimberly Werner said of the high school board candidate endorsement operation.

She means they choose board members, not board candidates?  Nobody else can run for the board?  There's no election after endorsement?

Look. The endorsers have credibility or not. Their candidates win or not. They are known to the public or not. This time, not. Werner has a secret group known to a few. Whose fault is that?

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DLJ said...


Let's face it. All to often the reason people volunteer to be members of a group like the "community" caucus or run for elected office is that they come in with an agenda. They want something for themselves, their friends, or they are obsessed with a political agenda. Let the voter beware when you accept the opinion of an ad hoc committee or believe a newspaper with its own social or political agenda.