Monday, July 24, 2006

Switching to Peraica

Brian Lantz, 305 Home Ave, is one of three Oak Parkers, of 10 letter-writers in all, in Sunday 7/23 Chi Trib decrying the Toddler Stroger coronation as county board president nominee. Lantz suggests secession: "We have" services we need. It’s a "duplication of county government."

Two others, Carmen Vitello and Jane Jeffries, explicitly say they will vote Republican in November. "I have always voted Democratic, but I hope there is a groundswell among Democrats to support Tony Peraica to show the party that we really want change and reform," wrote Vitello, who is not listed. "I've been a proud Democrat until last week. Now I’m ashamed," wrote Jane Jeffries, also not listed. "I voted for Forrest Claypool in the primary, and for the first time in my life, I’ll be voting Republican this fall."

Now. Is OP village board President Pope in for a dollar, having been in for a dime for the April primary, when he made calls for defeated Dem candidate Forrest Claypool? Will he be making calls for Peraica?

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