Sunday, July 02, 2006

What's the deal on Stroger? Hard to know what to believe

. . . says Mark Brown, who at the end of his description and attempt to figure out the Stroger in Wonderland happenings says something that must be occurring to lots of people beside Tony Peraica:

All I can say for an absolute certainty, though, is that this situation has been nothing but good for the Republican nominee, Commissioner Tony Peraica, who is looking more and more like a contender.

In Oak Park, for instance, lawns were loaded with signs for Forrest Claypool, Stroger’s opponent in the recent primary.  Will those become Peraica signs this fall, even in Democrat Oak Park?

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JakeBuettner said...

If Todd Stroger is the Democratic candidate, those Claypool signs should certainly become Peraica signs. However, if Danny Davis is chosen by the Committeemen, then he would get my vote if I still lived in Cook County. He's a good man, a rarity for a Cook County politician.